Love lies beneath

    Brief paragraph description The book ‘Love lies beneath’ is a novel about love, there were a couple of very noticeable things that i disliked about the book cover which i was hoping to fix through my skills of being a graphic designer. I wanted my design intentions to really relate to the actual […]

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P r o c e s s

P  r  o  c  e  s  s      o  f      t  h  e       s  h  o  o  t  s       ___________________________________________________________________________     1st   s h o o t In the first shoot my lighting wasn’t in place and the model barely showed. The background was […]

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After a lot of critiques i ended up with this, I had a pixelation issue and i fixed it and cleaned the poster a little with smudging tool in photoshop. I fixed the lighting an little to make the poster light up a little and not look too dull. I made the two texts the […]


Little touches and fixes..

Here as you’ve seen before i had all the sentence placed on one line with the same size, then i thought of making emphasis on MODERN KNOWLEDGE and making it bigger to suit the size of the two lines of words next to it. I fixed the size by making it smaller, it was white […]

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  FINAL REFLECTION BRIEF DESCRIPTION: 1.Our group created an environment which invites the viewers into a space directly linking le balloon rouge to the blockade of Qatar. We presented 3 ipads on each side of the wall, the 3 iPads on the right are purposely bigger than the 3 ipads on the left, this is […]



INSTALATION-PART1 Painting We all contributed to painting the Large L walls each person handled a corner and painted it perfectly, i painted the white panel just to clean things up to look polished and fresh. Hangers The hangers act on the wall as stands for the iPads that we are using i had to measure […]

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