P r o c e s s

P  r  o  c  e  s  s      o  f      t  h  e       s  h  o  o  t  s       ___________________________________________________________________________     1st   s h o o t In the first shoot my lighting wasn’t in place and the model barely showed. The background was […]

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After a lot of critiques i ended up with this, I had a pixelation issue and i fixed it and cleaned the poster a little with smudging tool in photoshop. I fixed the lighting an little to make the poster light up a little and not look too dull. I made the two texts the […]


Little touches and fixes..

Here as you’ve seen before i had all the sentence placed on one line with the same size, then i thought of making emphasis on MODERN KNOWLEDGE and making it bigger to suit the size of the two lines of words next to it. I fixed the size by making it smaller, it was white […]

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  FINAL REFLECTION BRIEF DESCRIPTION: 1.Our group created an environment which invites the viewers into a space directly linking le balloon rouge to the blockade of Qatar. We presented 3 ipads on each side of the wall, the 3 iPads on the right are purposely bigger than the 3 ipads on the left, this is […]



INSTALATION-PART1 Painting We all contributed to painting the Large L walls each person handled a corner and painted it perfectly, i painted the white panel just to clean things up to look polished and fresh. Hangers The hangers act on the wall as stands for the iPads that we are using i had to measure […]

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Process of the type..

Digital process- Before printing These were some of the typefaces that i placed infant of me to choose which one fits better for us.. We finally settled with the first Scheherazade typeface. We used what we learnt in typography class and used our type techniques in this performative project. I thought of placing each word  in […]

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