تعاسه miserable

Final look of my typeface, As you can see through my blog you will notice that i changed my idea a lot, had a lot of difficulties because of the lack of material in Doha, but in the end i got to work it out to produce this work.

I chose to do a setup to support my word to create a scene, i used materials like candles, wood boxes, wool yarns, electronic candles, and light strips. To finally create a finished look of a medieval style.

The message behind my artwork is that i created the word miserable and wrapped around it wool yarn and purposely left some on the floor to give you the “miserable look”, however there are light’s on the floor trying to light up the ‘depression’, although the lights are trying to light up the word miserable it still doesn’t change the “mood”, the depression in the word miserable is covering the happiness no matter how hard it is trying to lighten up the mood.

Thought this project i learnt about patience and found out that frustration was a big part of graphic design.



تعاسة “miserable”


This was a mistake, but a very beautiful mistake so i went back and shot a lot more of this style i am really involve with this motion in the picture.

Week 9

Change of idea?

After endlessly trying to look for the specific lights, yet i still didn’t find it i found the micro lights that had spacing between them, and the lights that light up fully are not getable here in Doha.

Even though i tried to over lap the typeface with the light strips over and over again it still didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to look like. The font was not clear and the word didn’t show fully. So i decided to change my idea and add wool and light over it.

The theme- wool, candles, wood, like a medieval style.


This is my setup and first shot using the isle but it’s hidden using photoshop, I am going to shoot it again with a professional camera, add more lights, tape it to the wall, fix the lighting and maybe dim the lights.

Week 8


I finally found lights that could be curved easily and create an edge. The wide LED light strips look so amazing when it’s lit up however they’re so hard to use and especially to curve. I still don’t think my work looks amazing, i know i can do A LOT better, it’s just that the materials that i need are missing and not get-able here in Doha.

This is a picture of what i will call a “draft” which will most definitely be developed to look better. I cut my word with a knife using thick foam board then painted it with a glow in the dark paint then attached the micro lights using a hot glue gun.



Week 8

The objects that i used from my 100 things are firstly the candle, the smoke, the globe, the dripping wax, the color silver, the safety matches and the flame. The heading says before it’s too late.. and the text on the bottom left side says act now. The safety matches show and represents all the dead trees that were cut down that caused global warming “deforestation” I added more shaddow under the matches “dead trees” and the smoke above it showing and representing the toxic vibes. I started off with a blank black background with white Latin type and the globe only, and as i progressed and learnt from my classmates critiques i achieved this poster that i really was impressed with. I added more meaning and more detail and a lot of movement with the dark smoke.

Final poster:


Week 8

Trials, trials, trials and trials.

I took so much time in trying to match the typeface that i am using, i had to redo the word 3 times as I’m cutting my word with a razor blade to cut my material (hard foam board)

My word means miserable in english and i added the lights in a motion that it really looks sad and miserable as if it’s going to collapse of how miserable it looks.



week 8

Throughout this process i realized that the black background wasn’t working for me, therefore i took a photograph again of the earth with a blank white background so i don’t edit it a lot in illustrator and turn it black like the other ones that didn’t seem to work out.

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I also tried to translate it to Arabic قبل فوات الاوان. -before it’s too late-

These are some of my sketches with different fonts:

Process timeline:

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 10.28.37 AMScreen Shot 2017-09-28 at 12.36.00 PMuntitled-21.jpg                        Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.53.50 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.00.36 AM.pngfinalposter



Week 7

Improving the poster.


After the critiques i got a lot of comments on how the poster looks empty. The background should look different and i thought of changing the text to arabic calligraphy.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.53.50 AM.png

Here i moved the globe to the right side, and the text to the upper left side and turned it into smoke as if the smoke from the candle is forming the words.

Week 6

The second version is a handmade globe which i made using wax, so i took a ready made candle in a shape of a sphere and painted it blue and green to make it look like an actual globe. Then i lighted it and titled the candle to one side to make the melted was form drops at the top half of the globe.

The following link is a process of my first draft of the poster called “Before it’s too late.”


I started by taking a ready made candle sphere, i sketched the map outline of the globe and painted it with acrylic at first with levels of green and blue.

Then i took a carving tool and carved the first half of the candle, and did outlines of drops  so when i light the candle the wax would melt and fall on the sides.

However that plan didn’t work out for me, so i lighted another candle and put it out and took the melted wax and transferred the wax on the globe and made drops on top.

I was amazed of the outcome that came out and so i would like to redo it again for the final in a better way to make the drops more visually appealing.




















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